More scans

I went for an MRI yesterday at Liverpool. For those of you who have never had one of these, it’s the noisiest machine ever. Noisier than building works outside your hotel when on holiday…! The kind radiology man asked me what radio station I wanted in my noise cancelling headphones so I told him I wanted Capital FM. I lay there patiently and on came…classical fm. I couldn’t help but giggle! During my giggles I knocked the alarm….. Quite comical…

During the scan, they came and asked me if I had injured my right leg, I politely reminded them that I had two muscles removed. Needless to say this unnerved me slightly so after the scan I asked what kind of injury they wanted to know about, and said that they wanted to know if I had a strain or a bang. Odd.

This morning I received a call from the MRI department to say Mr Chandra wants me to have a few more scans. He needs to see some more sequences higher up my leg as they didn’t get high enough. I am obviously worried.  I will be going back for the scan on Sunday so I can get the results on Monday. Thanks to the Scottish McTickles for offering to take me there (well when I say offered, I mean I asked:) )

I’m going to try to enjoy the weekend and the rugby – I’m already on the vino!

A big thanks to Vicki G for my gorgeous card and gift. It really means a lot xx

Enjoy your weekend folks

10 thoughts on “More scans

  1. sandy gilbert says:

    Hey Em, you are one very determined lady and with all the love and support we’re chucking at you hun, we’ll help you fight this 🙂 its better for them to be thorough than not babe. Big hugs chick xxx


  2. sue Tickle says:

    If positivity and love were the cure this thing wouldn’t stand a chance. You have a million believers behind you Emma. I love you xxx


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