History repeating itself?

In 2012, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told I had a grade III soft tissue sarcoma.

In 2013, the Monday before The Super league Grand Final, I was sat in The Liverpool Royal Hospital being told that this has spread to my lungs.

What does this mean?
Basically I have three lesions, one in my right lung – on the pleura (so this is the little bugger that caused my pleurisy!), and two at the top of my left lung. Tomorrow I will be having a PET scan and an MRI in the week.

Next Steps
Once I’ve had these two scans, Mr Chandrasekar will confirm my treatment plan. There are two scenarios:
i) chemotherapy
ii) surgery and chemotherapy

As he said, we are in for a rough ride, but this is a setback but I will get thru it. Chemo will make me poorly but it will also save my life.

I never thought I’d be starting this journey again, but I am, and as Mr Chandra said, it’s only set me back 3-6 months so what’s that in the grand scheme of things?

I feel more positive and determined to kick some butt!!

On a side note, I hope history doesn’t repeat itself on Saturday and I hope that Warrington Wolves win the Grand Final this year. Come on boys!

Take care xxxx


16 thoughts on “History repeating itself?

  1. beverley robson says:

    Just finished my six months of chemo and I can’t say it will be easy but it is do able I promise. Let me know if I can help in anyway.


  2. Helen McNicholas says:

    You’ve got the strength and the bloody attitude to fight this – and on the days when you don’t feel you can, you have an army waiting to remind you that you can, and you will. And while you are, you continue to inspire and help others – amazeballs 😉 x x x


  3. Jane Parr says:

    Not been on twitter for a few days and was floored by this, said it once and will say it again if I was cancer I would be shit scared of you, messed with the wrong person…..again!! Thinking of you sending positive thoughts you have an amazing man and an amazing family and friends behind you xxxxxx


  4. Debbie leck says:

    hi Emma….ok so not seen you for many years and even when I worked with you iur paths did not cross very often. However reading the story of your journey so far has been very moving, inspirational and has touched my heart. above all this the humour you have shown has been incredible and has made me chuckle at times in my life when I thought I had it tough. ……….I could never imagine what you must be feeling right now. all I can say is you appear to be the most determined person I have ever met with a true fighting spirit…..so give it all you have and remember there are so many people wishing you love and praying for a speedy recovery……fight with that air miles spirit miss tickle xxxxxxxxxx


  5. Carolyn says:

    Been checking FB and Twitter all day..

    You can do this! You keep up the determination and positive attitude. Kick cancer’s sorry ass honey!


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