Not nice… @sarcoma_uk

Well I’ll keep this short and sweet. I had my CT scan today and it’s shows growth(s) on my lung. Warrington were going to refer me to the lung cancer centre for a biopsy next week. I have declined this and have contacted the only man I trust to help me – Dr Chandrasekar. I will be there on Monday to understand the diagnosis and what treatment is available to me.

I’m lucky to have the most amazing family and support network.

We are enjoying Briskeys (Brandey&Whiskey!!!) at mums now.

Remember to hug your loved ones extra tight tonight.
I will update soon


17 thoughts on “Not nice… @sarcoma_uk

  1. keith says:

    I am sure you can beat this latest little setback! Everyone who knows you knows it too! Keep smiling and keep strong but don’t worry about being strong for anyone else………. just use your immense strength to beat this crap!xxx


  2. Resa Clowes -Read says:

    Hi Emma what can I say but ,what a bastard thing this is ,you show it the door because its knocked on the wrong one .take care you are in my thoughts xxx


  3. Bev hope says:

    What an emotional night! I said it last time and I will say it again, you CAN do this! Why? Because you are such an amazing young woman, so strong and positive. If this could be beat by love, it would take a second! xxxxx


  4. Gaynor Welsby-West says:

    Emm, You are one of THE most positive, determined, and inspirational people I’ve ever met,……… treat it as a quick detour in a long and happy life road.
    We’re all with you xxxxxx


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