Give me a break…..

I woke up at 3am yesterday with chest pains, my immediate though was that I has slept funny although it was that painful I was unable to return to the land of nod. I continued as normal and I went to work where I was busy with various meetings. By 4pm it was horrendous but I assumed I had pulled a muscle and carried on my meetings. I mentioned this to my colleagues and we were googling what cream/tablets would help with muscle pain. I left work and by the time I got home I couldn’t breathe without excruciating pain. John recommended that we visit the Tickle Chemist (AKA mum) who had an array of medicines. I took tramadol to try to relieve the pain but the pain was getting worse. Dr Tickle (AKA mum again) said it could be pleurisy or a blood clot so to go to the walk in centre, however the X-ray department was closed so I went to Warrington A&E.

After 7 hours of X-rays, blood tests, ECG’s and other tests I have been diagnosed as either a blood clot on my right lung….or pleurisy. (my mum should be on Dr James’ payroll….) The Dr feels it’s pleurisy because I had a high white blood cell count which showed I had an infection and pleurisy is caused by infections, however she won’t rule out a clot until I’ve had a CT scan. I can’t laugh, cry or breathe without being in pain and none of the medication is touching it.

Seriously would you believe it??? Since being diagnosed with Cancer I’ve had a series of ailments and it’s wearing me down now 😦 Poor John must be sick of the sight of hospitals.

waiting room fun….
I waited from 10:30-13:30 for my results in a room in a holding ward. There was another lady sat in there on suicide watch who had been brought in by the police and was waiting for a transfer to another hospital – she had been sat there since 4pm. She had no problem in revealing that she was schizophrenic and detailing what she had done and what the voices were telling her to do…. (Also if I’d heard she was gagging for a ciggie once, I’d heard it a million times!) I left at 01:30 and she was still sat there with no medication (or a bleeding cig). Another young lady was also brought in by the police and again dumped in our room. Now I’m not claiming to be a medical or a mental illness expert but I don’t feel these women were properly looked after last night. It was sad to see people in that state and in desperate need of care.

Anyway, thanks for reading my early morning ramblings 🙂

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