Since the nightmare began…

Well, it’s been over a year since this whole chapter of my life began. By this time in 2012 I had cancelled our holiday, had numerous visits to the doctors, had an MRI scan and was waiting in limbo for the results. This whole period of time was so surreal because my ‘lump’, believe it or not, was not my focus. My focus was visiting my gorgeous nan who was at Warrington Hospital and extremely poorly. I will never forget that when she was barely conscious and unaware of her surroundings, she always asked “how’s Emma’s leg”

Sadly nan passed away on 22nd September, two days before I went for my MRI results. She has left a huge hole in our lives-although I am glad she has not had to live this whole awful episode with us.

I’m certain that this time of year will always be difficult for my family, for many reasons, and I can only hope that this will improve after my 1 year results in three weeks.

Nan making me take a selfie of us 🙂


Us girls

I have a few appointments coming up – I have to have to have a CT sac on my lungs and an MRI on my leg so I will keep you updated.

Night folks xx

2 thoughts on “Since the nightmare began…

  1. jantickle57 says:

    Am sure we can all start to look forward after this next month …. And yes you are right nan has been spared our nightmare journey x but am sure she is watching and helping us all through the bad times as she always did xx


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