Sharkbite @sarcomauk


I thought I’d share a scar update for you non-squeamish people out there….

Before my surgery, my nurse said I would be able to tell people I’d gotten into a fight with a shark. Mr Chandrasekar has done too good a job for that story to stick….it’s far too neat!!!

The scar length is 44cm. My right leg is disfigured and discoloured from my knee to my bum, although the skin colour all matched after two weeks in Antigua….! At the tip, near my knee you will notice two small round scars, these are where my drains were. Funny how the drains are what I remember about the surgery as they were so uncomfortable and painful (ouch!!!!)

The leg may be ugly but it’s a small price to pay 🙂 Anyway, if you’re squeamish look away now.

Night peeps xx

6 thoughts on “Sharkbite @sarcomauk

  1. Sean Ashton says:

    I don’t think it’s ugly, scars like this just show a journey! Wear it with pride. It just is part of you. I know a friend with “lines” on their face, they are just there it never changed the person. :0)


  2. Bev hope says:

    I was expecting worse..then I saw it..fantastic surgeon who made sure it was neat as could be. You are gorgeous inside and out, and you should look at it with pride, you are here, and totes amazeballs xxxxx


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