6weeks to go….

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been on here for a while so thought I would pop on and give you an update.

Ive been busy busy busy in since my last post and have had two short breaks away.

Firstly, we went to Shieldhill Castle in Scotland-John surprised me with this for my 30th. It was gorgeous and a perfect weekend away with my lovely man. We had an upgraded room which was at the top of the castle but was worth the stairs to get there….although if we forgot anything John was sent back up :D. It was the first trip we have had since my op where my leg wasn’t an issue-we didn’t have airports/flights/transfers etc to worry about. This was by far the most amazing and romantic gift that anyone has ever given me so big thumbs up John! (Although the downside was watching Warrington get beat by Hull in the Challenge Cup semi final!!!)

Secondly, we went to Edinburgh where The Fringe was taking place. What a weekend that was! I can’t believe we haven’t been there for this fabulous event before. Before we went, I was nervous about the amount of walking we would be doing and worrying about the lack of seats at venues. However, it wasn’t too bad and I coped! We saw a few comedy shows which were brilliant – in particular “Late Night Gimp Fight”

So overall, two successful trips away. I’m getting itchy feet again and am already looking at our next jaunt so watch this space…..if cancer has taught me anything, it’s that You Only Live ONCE!!

My knee is still really bad, it barely bends to 90degrees :/ On a positive note though, I am regaining feeling back in my right thigh. It’s a bizarre feeling but its a move in the right direction so I won’t complain.

I am at the Radiologist next week for a check up – these are six monthly appointments and are routine to check the area where radiotherapy was done. The funny thing is my bum hurts!!! The radiotherapy covered half of my right cheek and it aches like mad! 😀 I’m dragging my mum with me as it can be lonely doing the drive to Liverpool…and sad walking into the Linda McCartney Centre. The centre is always busy and I see so many sick people, it’s just utterly heartbreaking to see so many people fighting this awful disease.

In October I will be having a CT scan on my lungs and an MRI on my leg and I am scheduled to get my results early November. I honestly can not believe in SIX weeks it has been a year cancer invaded my life, since my operation and since my life changed immensely.

I want to say a huge thank you to this bunch of idiots for keeping me sane during the most difficult year of my life….!







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