15 minutes… #Sarcoma

Today I had my third 12 week check up at the Liverpool Royal University Hospital. My lovely mum had the joy of coming with me this time, well she’s never been to the Royal so I’m glad I could help and give her a day out 😉

For my first two checks, I was so nervous and upset that I didn’t know how I would ever come to terms with these appointments, but to be honest, I wasn’t that anxious prior to going today and I felt really positive. Yes my leg isn’t improving, but generally my health is great and I feel fantastic so I don’t think there is anything to worry about. However, I have waiting room phobia (and I’m a little impatient) so after my lung X-ray I had to wait back in the room with orthopaedic patients, whom mostly had broken limbs (oh how I wish that was me!!) and I got a little upset. I was only waiting for 15 minutes but it felt like 15 days.

15 minutes isn’t a long time when you are waiting for a dentist or an opticians appointment, or even routine doctors appointment, but when your life is on the line, it feels like a lifetime. As I said, I wasn’t nervous last week, or even yesterday but the minutes immediately preceding that appointment were hell.

All kinds of thoughts were running through my head;
“Will he tell me that the cancer is back?”
“Has the cancer spread to my lungs?”
“How will I feel if he has to say those words again?”
“Will he hurt my leg?!!”

When I went in I only wanted a minute or two but I could see Dr Chandra looking at the X-ray of my lungs, so I felt at ease knowing he was there. He came in and immediately said those wonderful words “GOOD NEWS”.

The relief is immense. I can’t honestly describe to you how it feels when you hear those two words.

My next check up is in October and its the biggie – the 12 month check! I will have an MRI to scan my leg and a CT to check my lungs. I’m excited about that one as that is a huge milestone. Although mum and I were discussing plans for October 2014 when I get the 2 year all clear!!

Raising Awareness
Last week a few patients and I went to Evertons training ground to raise awareness of Sarcoma. We met Tony Hibbert who was supporting the campaign. Mr Chandrasekar and Jamie at the Royal have worked tirelessly to get local sports clubs to support the “Get checked when its a golfball – not a football” campaign so it was brilliant that Everton wanted to help. Here’s a picture from the day.


Thanks for reading. Goodnight xxx

2 thoughts on “15 minutes… #Sarcoma

  1. jantickle57 says:

    We are so proud of you Emma xx
    Have a great weekend away in your Scottish castle … Live for today … Thank you for asking me to share your ordeal today … Hope I helped in a small way xxx love you xxxx


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