Jolly Holiday

Hi folks,

I’m writing this post from the amazing island of Antigua. (I was determined to go to Thailand but it just wasn’t practical at this moment in time with my leg)

I was nervous about doing a long haul flight but after going to Amsterdam and Prague earlier this year I wanted to try it. Plus, I wanted to be somewhere mega amazing for my 30th!!

The resort we are staying at is huge and has plenty to do. I haven’t been able to do any of the watersports but that hasn’t impacted the holiday really-although I have compensated with doing plenty of rum tasting instead!! There was a cocktail competition…and ours won!! Well did you expect anything less from us??

our amazing beach


On a serious note, I have discovered that I can’t swim properly. It’s the first time I’ve been in a pool since my operation and it was a lot more difficult than I was anticipating. I realise that in the grand scheme of things it’s only a small issue but yet another one to add to the list….

Last week, we went to Shirley Heights for the famous Sunday Night Party. Good food, good music and amazing views but it wasn’t very accessible for people with disabilities. We enjoyed the party but, unfortunately I wouldn’t go again as it was a struggle.

It was our birthdays this week 🙂 We hired a car and toured the island, and what a beautiful island Antigua is!! The beaches are absolutely fabulous! By night we celebrated at a gorgeous restaurant called Trappas in English Harbour followed by champagne and chocolates. Nom nom.


Being away has blown away all the cobwebs and made us ‘forget’ (I use that word loosely) about the Big C, so naturally I’m not looking forward to coming home, to reality, to scans, appointments, tests. But hey c’est la vie!

Right, am off off to spend the last 30 hours with plenty of R&R – relaxing and rum!

Here’s last nights gorgeous sunset. Laters! XxX


3 thoughts on “Jolly Holiday

  1. chesternutz says:

    Looking good. hoping to hear lots of fun times ahead and seeing hol pics. be grt to add on FB too. and maybe meet soon. I have my 3 wks in corfu ahead to share too. tc and safe trip home x


  2. sue Tickle says:

    Im glad there isnt much that can you cant do Emma. And those things are only physical, determination is one thing you have in bucket loads!!! Glad you have had a great time, cant wait to see you on Saturday 🙂 xx


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