Getting there….

I know I haven’t been on here or a few weeks so thought I’d do a quick update.

While I was having radiotherapy the nurses told me to ensure my scar was treated with Aqueous Cream on a daily basis to reduce the risk of burns on my leg. I never thought to put the cream on the back of my leg and with four days to go, I really started to feel the effects of treatment at the rear. My leg turned red and was tender to touch.

After radiotherapy finished the burns were just horrendous. My skin was charred and so painful I couldn’t even sit down. I ended up being in bed most of the time as this was the only place I could get comfortable. Poor John was almost kicked in the face on a daily basis when he was applying cream to the area!! I used all methods of healing that had been provided; mepilore pads, intrasite dressings, numerous creams and painkillers. After ten days or so I started to see an improvement and the skin started to fall off- it was still sore but I was more mobile. As the skin fell off, my scar turned from a thick, ugly red line to a neat, skinny white line. It looks and feels so much better!!!

I was worried about the burns as we had booked a short break to Amsterdam and I really thought we’d have to cancel …….but we made it!! We had a fantastic few days away but the realisation of how hard holidays abroad are when you have a disability really hit home. Buildings in Amsterdam are so small and the toilets are often up/down stairs. And the stairs are usually very thin and hard to manoeuvre! We love the city and will definitely go back (for a third time!!) when I’m fully recovered.

Well am back at work now which is fab….won’t bore you with that now and will update next week.



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