Radiotherapy in numbers… #Sarcoma #Cancer

5s numbers



  • 30 days
  • 2700 miles
  • 180 trips on 3 different motorways
  • 300 litres of fuel
  • 2400 minutes travelling time
  • 58 arguments about Johns driving
  • 4 times John took the wrong turnoff (at the same point from M53-M56)
  • 21.5 hours appointment waiting time
  • 785 minutes appointment time
  • The machine broke while I was on it twice
  • 180 beams of radiation
  • 1230 seconds of radiation

…it is finally over!  No more Radiotherapy for me!

Am off out tonight with family and friends to celebrate the end of this journey and the start of the next (cancer free) one…!!

9 thoughts on “Radiotherapy in numbers… #Sarcoma #Cancer

  1. Jan Tickle says:

    and we have shared it all with you …. now its time to celebrate with you!!!! YAY!!! you have the rest of your lives now, with nothing to worry about …. except Johns driving of course!!! 🙂 xxxx


  2. Claire kel says:

    Puts things into context if you two lovebirds can get through all that the worlds your oyster!!! Onwards & upwards from here in, starting with Amsterdam , bet you can’t wait! Wishing you all the luck in the world from now on xxx


  3. John mccloskey says:

    Well done babe ! See I told you.. you would get through it !!! 🙂 , now for getting back to life!! The way we want it !

    And 58 ! More like 108 xxxxxxxxxxxx


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