How do I feel? #Sarcoma

I have six sessions left (Not that I am counting!!!!)

There have been huge delays this past week, one day was even five hours waiting, so I have slid to morning appointments. This should minimise the risk of delays and also reduce the time of the delays if they do happen. Surprisingly, the dreaded M6, M56 & M53 weren’t too bad to tackle this morning!

I am so excited to be finishing treatment next Wednesday but one thing is bringing me down….here goes the Emma rant….!

People keep telling me (Yes, telling me) the following:

1-I will be tired – I need to be honest here, I am a lazy cow anyway. I doubt I will be more tired than normal 🙂

2- don’t rush back to work – hello….5 months off is long enough thank you very much

3- relax – my life is hardly full of all night raves, pub crawls and zumba classes. Besides my treatment, I do nothing but relax.

I am 29-I am younger, fitter and healthier than older people who may experience cancer. I am coping, my body is coping and, most importantly, my mind is coping. What is bringing me down is the constant expertise of people who tell me the above. I appreciate that people mean well but I need to get back to normality. My Dr is absolutely of the same mindset too which is great.

So please, when you talk to me, ask if I’m ok, ask about treatment, talk about you, the weather, gossip, just talk about something positive. Please don’t tell me how I should or will feel because I fear the same conversations and reassuring people will wear me down….

I don’t mean to whinge but please take this as a message of reassurance that I AM OK!!

Final Note
On a final note, I would like to thank the lovely John who has been absolutely amazing. He’s been the one with me 110% through this journey. He has laughed with me, cried with me, held me, looked after me and he has took me to Clatterbridge on a daily basis. I seriously could not get through this without him. One thing I have learned from my daily trips to the Wirral, not everybody has somebody….

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads and posts on this blog.

Goodnight xxx

6 thoughts on “How do I feel? #Sarcoma

  1. Sue Sweet says:

    Well Done and Well Said. Keep on being the fighter you are x Enjoy being back to work with friends. Once your back to work you will soon be feeling normal lol. xx


  2. Bev Hope says:

    People only have to see you and speak to you to know you are back on form!! Hurry back to work, see you Weds for a sober celebration of you finishing your treatment. xxxx


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