Single figures….

Old Friends
Yesterday on my way to my session I bumped into Hannah. Hannah was in the next bed to me in Broadgreen after having a soft tissue sarcoma removed, also in her leg. She only has three treatments left – I don’t know how we have got this far into our session without bumping into each other! Was lovely to see her doing so well and will see her again later in the month when we go for our first of our 12 weekly check ups.

Normality…for my sanity
I will be returning to work on 18th February. Can’t wait to get back to routine and normality because I am bored and there is a risk to my sanity if I have to stay off work any longer….!!

I had my 21st treatment today….that means I only have 9 sessions remaining. Woop freaking woop!


Take it easy and be careful if the snow hits us tonight!

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