The Neverending appointments….


Day two of radiotherapy complete. First impressions : organised chaos!

The staff are lovely and are wonderful but the delays so far are just awful.  2.5 hours on day one and 1 hour today.  This means lots of waiting time in a not so nice place!

A nurse has told me to contact them each day before I leave to see if there are any delays. I will definitely do this as it is completely soul destroying sat in the waiting room.

The treatment itself is quick and painless. More time is spent getting me in the exact position than the actual radiation.  I am in the room for 25 minutes and of that 45 seconds is radiation! I am the only patient receiving treatment on my leg at the moment so it takes slightly longer to get me into position each day, but this should get quicker as the days go on.

We have stayed at the most gorgeous little hotel which is only a mile from the hospital. Thank God we decided to stay over as the appointment times this week are sporadic. From next week they are at the same time each day which is easier for us.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “The Neverending appointments….

  1. keith trudgeon says:

    You have my never-ending sympathy/empathy, as I have spent hundreds of hours in Whiston just waiting to see a doctor since 2007! I don’t have any words of wisdom for you but the time does pass and I would just use it to consider how much worse things could be! Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you already have a great inner strength any way. Enjoy the time you have with your lover and keep smiling hun!xx


  2. Bev Hope says:

    Enjoy your little break away, laugh lots as you two normally do. You continue to be an inspiration and I love ya lots, it’s almost done kidda! x Then it’s gonna be one hell of a night out, eh Jan? xxx


  3. Jan Tickle says:

    I know this isnt your most endearing feature Emma … patience!!!!
    but you are sharing your waiting with John and things could be so much worse, so just take a chill pill and remain positive, it will get easier am sure! and if not it wont go on for ever, relax and enjoy your quality time and keep fighting!!! lots of love, mum xxx


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