1st time at Clatterbridge

Haven’t posted for a while so thought I’d update you with how my initial appointment went at the Radiotherapy Centre at Clatterbridge.

This appointment was the start of the planning for my treatment. I had a POSICAST mould made – this is a mesh mould which is modelled on my leg. You need these moulds to ensure that your leg is kept in the same position for each session. The rays need to be accurately distributed along the affected area-the team are accurate to 3mm!

After the mould was made, I had a CT scan, again this will help Dr Allam with the planning stage.

This took about an hour then I had to sign consent forms agreeing to the treatment. Dr Allam said that it would take approximately 10 days for the treatment to be planned then I should start. I I’ll be having 33 sessions and due to the complexity, I am unable to complete this at the Liverpool Centre and will need to do the 90 mile round trip on a daily basis.

Here is an example of a mould:


I am there on Monday for a ‘dummy’ run to make sure everything is set up for the radiotherapy to start.

The sooner the treatment starts, the sooner it will be finished. I just want this to be over so I can get back to normal.

6 thoughts on “1st time at Clatterbridge

  1. Karen who lives fing miles away! says:

    Wow, is that 7 weeks, Monday to Friday to complete 33 sessions? Or do you have more than one session a day? X


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