St Helen’s Star…

Well my story made it into the St Helen’s Star this week. Well, not in it but on the FRONT page! I was so embarrassed when it landed on my doormat! Lets just say there mustn’t have been much news this week 😉

Here’s a link to the article:

Thanks to Andrew Kilmurray for writing this story, like the article says, if only one person reads my story and takes comfort or information from it then I’ll be happy. Also thanks to my sister Sue for arranging this, I would never have though of doing this.

P.s Here’s the sight I was greeted to on Thursday morning


6 thoughts on “St Helen’s Star…

  1. Maureen Ludden says:

    Saw your story in the Star and it made my heart miss a beat. It’s a while since I last saw you ie as a pupil at St Aelred’s but I recognised you straight away. You are such a strong character(you always were) and this is coming through clearly in your blog. Such determination to overcome this is more than half the battle and beat it you will!!!!
    I will be praying for you and thinking about you. Keep me posted as to your progress and request me as a friend on Facebook(I can use it now that I have retired)
    Mrs Ludden


  2. Michael says:

    Well done Emma you are so brave and the way you stay so strong is an inspiration to all of us !!…………..xx
    Take Care
    Michael and June


  3. chandrasekar says:

    You are a ‘star’ patient trying to raise the awareness of sarcomas despite your ongoing treatment.
    It is an important and noble cause.
    If you could add the following message in a visible part of your blog it would be great!

    ‘Any swelling that is bigger than a golf ball [5cm] and is getting bigger could be a sarcoma.
    Seek advice/treatment early’.

    Best wishes


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