The C Word


I have had tests, injections, biopsies, scans, tablets.
I have been bed ridden.
I have been up, I have been down.
I have been temporarily disabled.
I have been in pain.

But the one thing I truly hate about my illness is the ‘C’ word. For all you single minded people out there, I mean the word Cancer 🙂

This word makes me so emotional. From speaking to the Oncology team at Bupa to walking into the Linda McCartney Centre at The Royal. It is always there. Just the sight of the word sends me over the edge. I know that when I have to attend Clatterbridge for my treatment I will be emotional for the first few days.

I wonder if this is something that a lot of cancer patients struggle with?

The only C word we want is the one on these t-shirts.



2 thoughts on “The C Word

  1. Nick Harley says:

    I had the same problem over ten years ago now and Mr Grimer at the Royal Orthopaedic in Birmingham saved my leg. I too had radiotherapy which was hard work because you are constantly reminded that there is something wrong with you, saying that at least I didn’t have to suffer all those toxic drugs! Appart from a 50cm scar and not being able to water ski( they took away the muscles that pull your legs together), you wouldn’ t know there was anything wrong. I did learn not to be afraid of the word cancer because you can get over it and also that there is always someone worse off than you, just look at the other poor soles waiting for radio therapy!


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