I received an appointment letter yesterday saying that Mr Chandrasekar wanted to see me at 9am today. As far as I was concerned I didn’t need to see him until my next appointment in January so to say I panicked is an understatement! My night was spent wondering and thinking:- what if the grading was wrong? What if they didn’t get it all? What if it’s spread?

I braved John’s driving and we arrived at the Royal 10 minutes early despite the busy and annoying roads. What is it about the UK and merging three lanes to two? This almost resulted in us being squashed at least five times.

John dropped me off and went to the car park….which only opened at 9am… ridiculous is that??

My heart sank when I was called into the same room where they diagnosed me 😦 a second later a smiley Dr Chandrasekar walked in. He wanted to check on my knee and to make sure I’m not pushing myself. I need to continue with the crutches and be careful not to put too much pressure on my knee. I have two and a bit muscles left and only one fully functioning so I will be in deep trouble if I damage my knee and muscle.

I have to go back at the end of Jan where I will have a chest scan and get the results that day. That’s great as the wait for results are agonising.

Tomorrow I am back at The Royal to see the Radiotherapist Doctor so will post again then.

The support and service that I am receiving is amazing and I am so grateful to the Sarcoma Team. Without them, this journey would have been so much more harder. They are angels on earth.

One thing I have learned today, the glass isn’t always half empty!

p.s By the time John had arrived after parking the car, I was sat with no pants on with my leg being photographed! 😀


4 thoughts on “Pessimist?

  1. wendy says:

    Phew – glad it was ok…you had me worried!!! Looking forward to seeing you next week hun. The vision of you with no pants on was hilarious!! Much love xxx


  2. jantickle57 says:

    so relieved everything ok xxx but take his advice and take it easy! it isnt a race to get better its something you need to take your time over … you will be too tired to cook Xmas dinner at this rate !!! ;o) you are doing amazing so dont spoil it now xxx


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