Today at Broadgreen…

Next steps?
Went to my appointment today at Broadgreen with Dr Ali. He has discussed the possible next steps of treatment:

1. Chemotherapy – the sarcoma that I have is receptive to chemo. However there is little benefit to doing this treatment as the tumour has been removed. This would be 4/5 months treatment and would make me ill.
2. Radiotherapy – he feels that this should be considered due to the aggressiveness of the cancer. The side effects are tender skin and stiff joints. I don’t care as long as it helps to reduce the risk of this thing returning!

I am still continuing with my physio on a weekly basis and this is progressing really well. We hope to get to one crutch soon 🙂

Great fundraiser

Macmillan are hosting a gala evening of the Bodyguard in Londons West End….. looks fabulous!!

click to see their page

Well thats me folks, am off to Nando’s for tea with great friends. Have a great weekend everyone xx

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