Went to a fabulous little coffee shop today, Chouxchouxbedoo, on Newton High Street. Had a gorgeous lunch and an even better cake. Yum yum!
If you live in the area give it a try!

A photographer from the St Helen’s Star came to take my picture today! They will be writing a story on my illness and journey. This is a fantastic idea and will support the blog in trying to raise awareness for Sarcoma. Big thanks to my sister Sue for this idea and contacting the Guardian group…..

Finally took my dressing off today and am leaving it off. I can’t keep the dressing on forever just because I don’t want to be faced with it everyday….time to be brave and accept this is now part of my life.

Have a nice evening peeps xx


4 thoughts on “Chouxchouxbedoo…

  1. HankyPankyPie says:

    Yeay!!! I hope the story is great and raises more awareness as well as showing how brave you have been. I bet it will affect your blog viewings hugely!!! Lets hope so….

    Erm and i may as well fess up as i was my mums idea to contact Warrington Guardian. She was sat with you on the day of the op so didn’t have time to write to them and i offered ha! I will take credit for that part, it was a great e-mail ;o) x

    The cakes look yummy and pics of your visit are great :o) xx


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