Shout out….little girl Blackpool

During my post last night ranting about the ignorant people in the world, I forgot to mention about the kindness of a young girl.

Whilst trawling through the lights John decided he needed a ‘wee break’ so we pulled into a sea front hotel. I decided to go as well and we trotted through to the toilets. As I walked out of the cubicle a young girl, aged about 12, held the exit door open for me. I told her I needed to wash my hands first but thanked her anyway. I washed my hands and turned to leave and noticed that the girl was still stood there. She had waited to hold the door open for me.

This girl was so thoughtful and helpful and I was extremely grateful to her.

Wanted to give her a mention 🙂

3 thoughts on “Shout out….little girl Blackpool

  1. Mel says:

    Thats so lovely Em. Just goes to show that there is kindness out there – restores ya faith in human nature doesn’t it !

    Glad you had a nice time in Blackpool Em – I’m there in a few weeks, luv it !! – Was meant to go to the darts there in July, but my little op forced me to cancel. I explained my situation to the B+B owner, and didn’t expect a refund or anything to be honest. But he said, they don’t usually do this, but because of my situation, he would keep the stay in lieu, to use again for another weekend. So we’ve rebooked !

    Keep doing those exercises luv – be patient with them, it’ll be worth it :O)

    Much love
    M&G x x


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