Challenges in public…

Had physio today at St Helens hospital. I did some gentle exercises and came away with a list to do myself at home. The trouble I have is that I have learned ‘work around’ techniques to move my leg, I.e using my heel to grip things, using hip to move leg, using my left leg to move my right one. I need to get myself out of these habits to ensure that I start to strengthen the remaining muscles. My leg is aching so it’s obviously working! On the way out I was struggling out of the disabled door when an rude and inconsiderate man (who was able bodied) barged through almost knocking me over. In his rush, he expected me to wait and struggle on while he, who is clearly important, got to his appointment on time.

John and I went to Blackpool tonight to have fish & chips and to see the lights. We had tea at a cute little chippy and on the way out we nipped to the loo. There was a huge queue for the ladies and the disabled loos were also engaged. I patiently waited until a woman with a young child emerged. It was evident that neither of them were disabled and I think the shame of having to face two people waiting for the loo who require this facility more than herself was enough to prevent her from doing this again.

After tea, we managed a cheeky sit down on the front….it’s great to get fresh air and I certainly appreciated it more than I would have in the past.

These examples of ignorance did not detract from the overall enjoyment of our date. We had a great night and we are now settled watching a bit of Keith Lemon.

Today’s events made me realise that the are people out there who think that they are above rules and lack morals. I hope that this doesn’t become a daily occurrence as I think I have enough to deal with…

I am back at the hospital on Monday where I will find out the next steps for treatment of my illness. I should hopefully find out the grading of the cancer and how much they managed to remove. Fingers crossed.

Goodnight and will update on Monday after my appointment xx


6 thoughts on “Challenges in public…

  1. keith t says:

    Thankfull there are some nice people out there who can instantly make up for the rudeness of others! I remember being in Warrington with my wife and having met several rude people but then saw a great big smile coming toward me to say hello! None other than YOU with your great big beauty of a smile! Cheered me up then and you are still smiling!xx


  2. Lesley Holland says:

    Hey Mrs! You look proper cold on the seafront there! Hope the ignoramuses haven’t got you down too much. Keep strong and good luck on Monday xxx


  3. michele walker says:

    Emma, I fully understand, happens to me all the time and some people can be so rude: when others are so apologetic, you need to speak to someone about getting a RADAR key…it lets you into disabled toilet facilities all over the country, you pay a deposit and get it back when you return the key. You NEED them to use flat level loos at motorway services. Take care and trust your physiotherapist xx


  4. Ron says:

    Emma there will always be people like this in the world. We just have to brush them aside But on the other hand there are those that go out there way to help others belive me we do exsist Your doing great and yes the sea breaze will refresh you Take care of yourself untill monday x

    Sharon and Ronald x


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