Day 1 at home
Being at home is harder than I thought it would be. In the hospital, the chair was next to the bed, the bathroom 12ft away, no stairs etc. It’s just so difficult, tiring and frustrating to keep moving and find a comfy position.

My Leg
I am able to move my leg from left to right and I can rotate my foot. What I can’t do is lift my left/foot upright. This is because the muscles responsible for this were removed. I didn’t realise how important these muscles were so to give you an idea here are a few examples of the challenges I am facing:
1 – have to use my hand to grab a handle on my leg brace to lift my leg up to get over a step or get into the car
2 – have to use something to push up from when getting up from a seat, i.e a wall
3 – have to use my left foot to hook under my right one to move it to get comfy, this may be when seated on when in bed.
4 – to roll onto my side when in bed I, once again, need to use my left leg to co-ordinate this

The physio has confirmed that the remaining muscles will compensate but I will never have 100% movement (as it was) back in my leg/foot. My aim is to recover this enough to be able to drive again as this isn’t 100% certain at the moment.

John is being wonderful – as usual and is totally looking after me. It saddens me that there are people out there who don’t have anyone to help them when they have major surgery because I know I certainly couldn’t get through this without the help and support of my family and friends.

10 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Ron says:

    Hi Emma there are so many things they can do now with a car to addapt it to your needs. I have friends who still ride bikes with alterations so anything is possible


  2. wendy says:

    Hi Em take it easy you will have plenty of time to get back up to speed. Enjoy the pampering from John you deserve it. See you soon.


  3. Sue Sweet says:

    Good Luck Emma with everything, and I am sure you will soon be doing all the things you want to. Sounds like your a very strong lady x


  4. michele walker says:

    Hi Emma, trust and believe your physio, they can work wonders if you put the effort in: and I am certain that you will. My physio taught my brain to ignore ear balance messages and rely on eye muscle strength only, to tell me if i’m upside down, spinning around or standing still. I couldn’t drive for quite a while until it got sorted out and understand the feeling that you a\re “dependant” on someone else, after having your own wheels for so long. John sounds to be a wonderful partner, and you have a fantastic supportive family xcx

    ps when are you going to visit the cat lady? lol xxx


  5. nic77e says:

    Hang in there miss!

    Although I will say I think you are perfectly entitled to be quite frustrated at the moment, you have been soooo incredibly positive and upbeat so far! I love all your smiley faced photos. Very inspiring!

    Strangely enough I too am currently dealing with not being able to drive for medical reasons.. it is so irritating to feel as though your independence has been taken away a little bit, but don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. I am certain that they are all more than happy to help you out and while it isn’t quite the same as being able to jump in the car and toddle off on your own, as you say, it is much better than what some people have to face.

    It sounds like John is being a total star and so wonderful. Grant is also a total gem to me at the moment and I can honestly agree with you 100% that it really makes the world of difference and makes you realise how lucky you are.

    Keep on keeping on! xx


  6. Mel says:

    Hey Em.

    Glad you are home now luv. Nowt like the comfort of your own surroundings and bed hey. Bet you were sorry to say goodbye to your good friend Cat Woman though! Ha

    And I know what you mean having the support of folk around you after surgery. I thought I would I was going to be ok when I came out of hospital, but Gaz insisted on taking time off with me. And thank god he did… you don’t realise hey. Like you say, really feel for those folk who don’t have anyone.

    Anyways, you take it easy, keep doing ya exercises, but most of all., be patient with it.

    Keep smiling luv, you’re doing ace 🙂

    Lots of love
    Mel & Gazzer
    x x x


  7. Sue P says:

    Hi Em im sure things will get easier dont rush it it will take time to heal. I am glad ur home its better to be in the comfort of your own home lots of snuggles needed from John i think!! u take care love Sue xxx


  8. Beverley robson says:

    Hi Emma, don’t worry about driving, I have a left foot accelerator after losing my right and its pretty easy to drive that way. Let me know if you need any advice (I know it’s not exactly the same situation) but its amazing how you compensate.

    Enjoying your blog!

    Beverley robson (ex airmiles)


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