Last day in hospital?

Had a bad night last night with chest pains. The doctors came out and did various tests on me, his conclusion was that I had pulled a muscle using the crutches 😦

Needless to say I didn’t get a lot of sleep so was a tad grumpy this morning. Was soon laughing at the lovely nurses here in Broadgreen. There was only me and Ellen in the ward last night. Ellen is a 79 year old who has just had a new knee and she is lovely, funny and has a soft spot for my John…! πŸ™‚

Our world was shattered at the arrival of a crazy lady today. I think my ears are going to fall off…..she keeps calling Ellen Helen, keeps calling me Ellen, calling John Ron and keeps slipping Elsie in amongst these. You have to laugh but good Lord, I’m shutting the curtains tonight! Even putting my ear phones in to watch the X Factor Results didn’t prevent her from talking to me…!

Had a lovely visit from my sister Sue and my gorgeous nephews, Dan and Adam this afternoon, they ate all the Thornton chocolates that Bev Hope bought me πŸ˜‰

John took me on a date to the cafe πŸ™‚ we had tea and it was far nicer than the hospital food. We then snuggled on the sofa and…..I snoozed on him. πŸ™‚ he truly has been amazing throughout this nightmare.

Our Mike then turned up and I made them both stay til the end of visiting to endure the crazy lady and her daughter as I felt it was cruel to leave me alone with them!

My leg is really swollen so I am hoping that they can get a stocking long enough for me (I can’t be the tallest person they have ever had in here can I?!) so that I can go home tomorrow.

Well wish me luck for getting through the night with crazy cat lady….


13 thoughts on “Last day in hospital?

  1. Ron says:

    Hi Emma have had the same crazy people in hospital but i do take my hat off to those wonderful nurses that have to put up with so much from some people. But when they have a good patient that is were it makes it all worth while


  2. Sue P says:

    Hope u made it through Em and managed to get some sleep that crazy lady sounds a nightmare!! Id have shuved her out the window!! Take care hope to call and see you when your home and settled luv Sue xx


  3. Bev Hope says:

    Luck and Love Emma, you have been amazing, your strength, courage, positive attitude, sense of humour and infectious smile are inspirational. I know you want to get your expierience out there to help others cope with this rare cancer, you are one in a million and I am blessed to be your friend xxxx


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