Stand up to Cancer…

standing up to cancer

What a busy day I have had. Had Helen bring the mini Mac’s to visit. Had lots of cuddles from them. The Scottish McTickles, mum, dad and John paid a visit bringing me lots of goodies. When they were kicked out at 4 they all sneaked off to the pub and had a gorgeous meal….they can make it up to me when I get out!!

Have had my new leg brace fitted which I will need to wear for at least 8 weeks…need to think of a christening outfit to match now 🙂

Today is Stand up to Cancer day, thanks to everyone who is sharing my blog. This cancer is rare and when I was diagnosed I just wanted to hear from real life people who had experienced it, so if I can help just one person then I will be happy.

Night all

12 thoughts on “Stand up to Cancer…

  1. Sam Tungate says:

    Loving the way you have a dressing gown to match your leg brace. Just goes to show fashion can’t be stopped by cancer haha #blackisback

    Talking to people with your condition who have it or know people with it will be immensely helpful with your recovery and will give you that little bit of support that your family and friends can’t. trust me when I tell you from experience there is nothing worse than being surround round people that love you but still feeling all alone.

    You will find it sooo helpful and really pull you through.

    MacMillian should be able to at least point you in the right direction


  2. Cynthia Nye says:

    Keep standing up Emma!! My son had a huge osteosaracoma in his right thigh as well..He was diagnosed at the age of 16. I had the pleasure of having him around me until he was 25..he was one of the first patients to undergo a completely experimental protocol for this type of cancer and I know for a fact that because of what he went through he was able to help others with this cancer!


    • John . says:

      Wow Cynthia what you your family and your son went through must of been hell but it helped save the leg/ life of the love of my life , from the bottom of my/our hearts we thank you !! The loss of your son helped save so many life’s xx thank you !! So sorry


  3. Alison d says:

    Need to think of a matching outfit for the Xmas party…the votes are in and the venue will be decided on Monday ….u will be the belle of the ball


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