Good day….

Well today I feel better. Still losing blood so still have the drains in but these should be coming out in the morning.

The girl in the next bed to me went home today.  She was 23 and had Sarcoma in the same place as me.  She had hers removed after me but it was only a third of the size so she has responded better.

Spoke to Mr Chandrasekhar today who said that the scar is over 31cms long. He also confirmed that he has removed over one and a half of the four muscles in the thigh and the  knee isn’t strong enough to take on the role of these muscles, so I need to have a brace for a while to support it.

Looks like I will only be home early next week now So feel free to visit on Sat, Sun or Mon! Am fully booked tomorrow!

night all xxx

5 thoughts on “Good day….

  1. Vicki S says:

    Glad you’re feeling better today Em, been thinking of you. Graham T from work was asking after you today, told him you would soon be back in work and that we’re all with you every step of the way! x


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