First night tumour free…

Morning all,

Have to say that I have never felt pain so horrendous in my whole life.

I have a buzzer which will release morphine at my request. I ran out of this at 4am. Luckily the nurse was on hand to top me up.

The night staff are so lovely and friendly.

Today I will find out if I need a blood transfusion as I am losing a lot. 

I have also been told I will need to wear a leg brace to straighten my leg.

I know its hell at the moment but surely it will be worth it in the end…..

9 thoughts on “First night tumour free…

  1. Sandy Gilbert says:

    Your on the way up now hun, all tumour free which is the best news ever, stay strong, your coming out of this slowly and surely, time is a great healer as they say, be patient 😉 xxxxxxx


  2. Sarah says:

    It WILL be worth it. Keep going Ticks. You’ve dealt with this amazingly so just keep going and think of all the places you’re going to go when you’re healthy again😀


  3. GWW says:

    Em, you’re doing a fab job of keeping yourself positive, and that’s a huge chunk of your recovery sorted!
    Well Done You, and keep smiling, we’re all thinking of you.


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