Bad day….



Had a really bad morning but picked up this afternoon. Enjoyed John and his parents visiting, then Mum and Laura turned up with the beautiful baby Chloe and balloons. Even managed to walk to the loo (with a Zimmer of course) so am doing well. Took a bad turn this pm as blood levels low. I am also experiencing pain where my drains are. Hopefully these will be out tomorrow when Mr Chandra visits. The nurse did my obs at 8 ready for my blood transfusion but they couldn’t do as my blood pressure was low and my temperature was at 38.9. John and I started to worry so he was a darling and stayed with me until I was asleep. Mr Chandra called the hospital at 10pm and said I was to have the blood transfusion. So here I am at midnight….all hooked up. Think I’ll get the iPad out and watch Desperate Housewives….

10 thoughts on “Bad day….

  1. Sam Tungate says:

    Aww Em sounds like a tough day. After my surgery I remember coming round and not being able to speak for 5 days and looking at 6 months of speech therapy, was very scary and frustrating. Keep hanging in there. Remember you don’t have to be a hero but you do need to keep going. You will get there Em x


  2. Michael says:

    Yep thats the way just relax and watch a bit telly !………..and hey !…………………keep yer chin up you’re doing great !!!……………xx


  3. Hopester says:

    You have been so brave Em!
    Hopefully you will start to feel better once the transfusion is done.
    You are an inspiration, love ya lots xx


  4. Claire says:

    Morning love just see your post , hope today is kinder to you & you manage to get more rest& sleep!
    It will take time , be patient, know what you are like! Miss impatient knickers!
    Thinking of you & we all send our love xxx


  5. Carla Knox says:

    Hi Emma, I’m a close friend of Mindy’s and she shared your amazing blog with me a few days ago. I just wanted to say hello and how much I admire your strength and determination and to let you know that I’ve been sending you all my positive thoughts and prayers (all the way from Twickenham) over this past few days. Take care, keep strong and most of all keep smiling… You will beat this!!! Carla xxx


  6. Moidler says:

    😦 cheer up all these things are going to make you better!
    Even though Chloe is asleep she told me that she loves you lots and was very happy to see you today and have lovely cuddles and a little pull of your hair 🙂



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