Surgery day…

Well, today had been the worst day of my life but got through it with the amazing family and  friends of mine.

Firstly, massive thank you to John and Mum for being here all day with me.

Also big thank you to dad for staying at  ours this pm waiting for deliveries and workmen.

Thanks to or Sue and Dad for coming keeping me company tonight when John and Mum were driving me nuts 😉

Love you all loads.

6 thoughts on “Surgery day…

  1. jantickle57 says:

    Can’t believe this was 3 years ago …. Still feels as raw and painful as that day …. Amazing to see how much you have gone through and are still smiling and full of hope and optimism …. We all love you and are with you every step of the way xxxx


  2. colette says:

    so pleased it went well i know your sister sue and followed her link to your blog your a very brave lady and i hope that this is the start of you recovery and you get to your goal of Thailand sending healing thoughts and gentle ((hugs)) yours colette x


  3. HankyPankyPie says:

    Ha, it was my pleasure and thanks for letting me visit when you were more than likely knackered. I’m so glad i came and saw how well you were doing, even if you didnt stop talking for a whole hour!!!! Phew ha ha ha.
    Get some rest missy and see you soon, boys send their love too.
    Much Love. Sue xx


  4. Jan Tickle says:

    us driving YOU nuts????????
    do you know how hard its been for us!!! watching you suffer so much and us so helpless!!!
    just so relieved worst is over and 1st day of recovery is just starting
    love you and am so proud of how brave you have been
    night god bless, sleep well darling
    mum & dad xxxx


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