19 thoughts on “Hello im just out of theatre yay the F*cker has gone ! Road to recovery starts now!after my sleep x

  1. Katie Thornley says:

    Hey Hun I’m out in south Africa with mike, gill and Rach and we’ve all been following your journey…so pleased the fecker has been removed and now the road to recovery!! Massive inspiration to others hun xxx


  2. Jan Tickle says:

    you think YOU had it tough????? you should try ‘watching’ someone you love in pain …. so relieved biggest part over, worth a fortune to see your smile when you came out of recovery room xx ❤


  3. Emma Whitfield says:

    U even smile whilst lay there in hospital! Ur such an inspiration Em n I’ve never known anyone so upbeat n positive about somethin like this! Don’t ever change and keep smilin. xx


  4. planetclairegibbons says:

    Em, you’re an inspiration. Enjoy the drugs and keep smiling. Puts me moaning about a poxy infection to shame. Big love from sunny Bradford as always. X


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