Well, my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I have to be at Broadgreen hospital for 7.30am and should be going down at 9am.

John will keep people updated via this blog so please subscribe to ensure you get e-mail notifications.

Hopefully this tumour will me out of me the next time you hear from me!

See you all soon



14 thoughts on “Surgery…

  1. Caroline Kennedy-Jones says:

    Emma you are so strong and can beat this !!! stay positive and keep
    fighting ..we all are for you xxx (((hugs))) xxx


  2. Glynis Wall says:

    I will be saying a little prayer for you tonight Emma, and wishing you a speedy recovery from your op tomorrow. Good luck for your future (((((Big hugs))))))) xxxxxx


  3. Jan Tickle says:

    Emma … this will be your 1st day of recovery …. and 1st day of rest of yours & Johns lives
    BE BRAVE and fight like hell darling …
    all our love tomorrow and always
    Mum & Dad xxxx


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