Shout out …John

Big shout out to my gorgeous man. This last four weeks has been so tough and he has been amazing.
I had lots of doctor and specialist appointments and as a result of this cancer, we had to cancel our amazing trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Thailand.

Whilst having all these tests etc, my lovely gorgeous nan sadly passed away


John was taking me to hospitals for my appointments, taking me to visit nan and staying with me throughout all this.

He also carried my nans coffin at her funeral, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Throughout all this he has been strong, positive and has never once moaned, not even when we cancelled the holiday, not even when he has to drive everywhere, not even when we have to walk extra slow, not at anything!

Love him lots and he deserves a big SHOUT OUT!


7 thoughts on “Shout out …John

  1. Ron says:

    Emma You have a good man there and he will always be by your side. We did know about your lovely nan passing and we were so sad we cried with you on that sad day


  2. Bev Hope says:

    One in a million for a young woman who is one in a million…you found each other for a reason!! Love ya both (even though John made me wake you up at weekend!!) xx


  3. Joe little says:

    Em the blogg is a fantastic idea – but it has had hard arse poker faced me in tears already! You obviously have a fantastic family, great friends and a man who loves you to the moon and back – it chose the wrong person to mess with this time!! Xxxx


  4. nic77e says:

    It’s soooo important to have a ‘rock’ by your side at any time, especially during what you have been dealing with these last few weeks. I have no doubt he knows you are worth every second of time, effort and energy x


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