CT Scan

Had CT scan today. Hopefully get the results early next week.

For those of you who have never had a CT scan here’s a bit of a heads up.

Usually you get a packet mix that you need to drink two hours before your scan. As my appointment was made yesterday they didn’t have time to send it out to me, so they made me the drink which would take 45 minutes to “get into my system”.

When i went in for the scan it took about 7 minutes. A dye was injected and i had to go through the machine which took about a minute!

Back home now so relaxing 🙂

here’s me “enjoying” my drink


4 thoughts on “CT Scan

  1. alison robinson says:

    good luck for tomorrow, hope everything goes well for you. came across your blog through caroline fb friend. you are a real inspiration, i am amazed at your strength. you and your husband seem a lovely couple and i wish you well in your fight with this horrible disease. my thoughts and prayers are with you alison xx


  2. HankyPankyPie says:

    Yum!!!! Ha (to the drink)
    I cant believe how strong you are Missy, but i’m bloody glad you are ;o) this blog is clever, uplifting and witty and a great insight into your journey and even if it helps one other person who is going through the same thing or inevitably raises awareness of the existence of this type of cancer then this blog will have served a purpose. AND we will no doubt read and laugh and cry with you along the way. Lots of love from your big sis and the boys


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