Retiring dizzytix #sarcoma #cancer

Five years. Five years. It’s five years past diagnosis and I’m still here. Woo hoo!!

It’s also two years since my last surgery. An even bigger WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

And guess what? I’m still CLEAR.

I’m so unbelievably happy to be writing this post to share my good news. I have an amazing life and I enjoy it very much so now is the time to put this blog into retirement. I created the site to keep you all informed about my journey but I want to focus on the future without having sarcoma at the forefront of my mind. My goal has always been the five year mark. And now I’m here I can’t quite believe it.

Thanks for all your support and goodbye for now 😀

Two years – that’s a first! #sarcoma

Two years ago today I was recovering in Broadgreen after surgery to remove the rogue tumour that had settled itself in my right lung.

I've never had a full clear two years since diagnosis so I am extra happy today! Think I'll crack the champagne open at the weekend 🙂

Here's my throw back pictures from 20 July 2015, 2016 and today! I was very happy to be going to work today…!

Thinking of you guys still going through treatment or embarking on your journey.

Sarcoma UK’s Big Picnic @sarcoma_UK #saw2017

Today is the last day of Sarcoma awareness week here in the UK. Sarcoma UK wanted people to hold a picnic to raise money and awareness. We did just that. 

My sister Sue hosted a picnic in Bury. There were sandwiches (not cucumber ones I’m pleased to say!) snacks, cakes and pimms.  Lots of people turned up for a lovely afternoon in the sunshine, having a good time and raising money.

We raised £250 which we will be donating to Sarcoma UK. Thanks to everyone who made today a great day especially Sue and Pete.

Sarcoma Awareness Week #SAW2017 #sarcoma

It’s here again already, Sarcoma Awareness Week and there’s activities going on all around the UK to raise awareness.

The Merseyside and Cheshire support group raised money and awareness at The Royal Liverpool hospital yesterday. They also spoke to people who had sarcoma and wasn’t aware of our support group. Well done to everyone who took part.

The big picnic

Sarcoma UK’s campaign this year is to host a picnic to raise awareness and funds. There’s picnics being held from Lands End to Belfast. My sister and I are hosting one too so we will be sure to share the pictures.


I’ve been sat here tonight with Chlo who has asked me lots of questions about my scar. Will I get better? Will my scar go? Can she touch it? This quickly evolved to ‘can you show me pictures of you in hospital with the machines, with me on your knee…’ she’s a funny and inquisitive soul. So we went on a journey of almost five years which has been horrendous and amazing at the same time. I’ve found new friends, which is amazing, and I’ve lost friends to the big C during this time. It’s been 4.5 years since I was diagnosed, and what started as a diary and info page to keep people updated, has turned into a blog of trying to raise awareness and support others. Here’s to another happy but healthy 4.5 years (and more!)

Volunteers are amazing #cancer 

Tonight I was invited to a Thank You evening at the Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital. We were treated to a lovely buffet and had fun mingling and doing a quiz. There were volunteers from who helped our in the hospital cafes, volunteer ambulance drivers, fundraisers and even volunteers from the Isle of Man who also do work for this great hospital.

To see so many wonderful people who make up some of the many components of the hospital and charity was really special.  People donate their time which helps patients and their families and I’m grateful to each and every person. So from one volunteer to another THANK YOU.

I also met Lauren and Wendy tonight. Lauren has been treated at Clatterbridge and is also heavily involved in volunteering. We won the quiz and didn’t even use mobile phones! It’s harder than you think! So I rocked up at home to find two excited nieces to wish me a happy birthday. As soon as they saw my quiz winnings, they soon ignored me and chopped their way through my chocolates!

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre 5k…

Today was the 5k or 8k to raise funds for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

So the McTickle clan set off and walked. And walked, and walked. So we missed the 5K mark and the clan walked 8k…..

Yep. I’m in agony, God knows how I will walk again. I’m in agony but I’m still going.  Worth it to raise money for the amazing hospital.

An extra special well done to Keira and Jorja xx

Chat about Sarcoma @sarcoma_UK #sarcoma #awareness

I have spent the last ten days sunning myself in the beautiful resort of Clearwater in Florida.  After an amazing holiday, this morning I landed at Heathrow Airport and rushed to buy Chat magazine to see if they had run a story on me. And they had.

Page 46 – double page spread and even a message from the wonderful Mr Chandrasekar. It’s a really good story and if it helps to raise awareness then it’s all good.

I will receive a fee for this story which I will be donating to Sarcoma UK.

Oh what a night #clatterbridge #cancer

Last week we held an evening of entertainment to raise money for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and what a night it was. My uncle Kev came up with the idea of the night and arranged the venue and entertainment. After weeks of working with lots of local businesses we secured lots of prizes for the evening. Kev wanted to raise £1000 but we surpassed that with the final figure being £3250.

I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the night a success, from volunteers to the entertainers and donors. Also a big shout out to everyone who donated by either attending the evening or sending a donation. The biggest thanks has to go to Kev as without him, this wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t be donating this amazing amount to such a worthwhile cause.

You are all wonderful.

Normal service will resume #sarcoma #cancer

Scanxiety. The anxiety and stress surrounding regular scans to detect cancer. 

This is one hell of a mental challenge. You go and have a scan and have to wait days or weeks to find out if there’s anything lurking in your body, ready to attack, plan your demise or just generally cause problems.

I had a scan three weeks ago and had my results this Friday. I didn’t have any mental breakdown. I was extremely productive at work – more meetings/output in that last week than the whole of my career…..I also didn’t sleep for six days. But no one would have known. 

I can not explain the relief I felt after learning my scans were clear. No stress, no worry, no scanxiety. I’ve partied, celebrated and chilled all in one weekend. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my hangovers.

Normal service has resumed!

Clear #sarcoma #cancer

Just a quick note to let you all know that my scans were clear. My lungs are completely free of cancer.

To celebrate, we are in Liverpool drinking Champagne in the Beatles hotel. Hard Days Night

Here’s to another six months clear xx